Sounds like a simple request.   After all, how many can there be to pick from?  You know it is steel so that narrows it down.  Well the truth is just one of our manufacturers shows over 40 different catalog items for a steel 1/4″ drill.  And that is just one source, we have others with even more options.  There are shanks and lengths and coatings to consider.  Point geometry or helix style may be critical.  We need to know what you are drilling into and how deep.  Do you have coolant?  Are you drilling one hole or ten-thousand?

You need to have a distributor that knows what to ask when you need a tool.  Drilling a small hole is pretty simple compared to some requirements on the shop floor.  We have the experience to help apply the right tool for your job.  Even more, we can help you determine why your current tool isn’t giving you the results you need.  Sometimes picking an item out of a catalog is “good enough” and we can do that, but we excel at helping our customers that have a problem application or challenging part to machine.

Let us help you with your next tool questions.  Even if you just need a 1/4″ hole.