The Tool Crib is proud to represent BIG Kaiser Precision Tooling.  BIG Kaiser is based near Chicago, Illinois and was originally a subsidiary of Heinz Kaiser AG, Rümlang, Switzerland.  In 2003 they began a strategic alliance with BIG Daishowa Seiki and formed the current company.  Kaiser has long been known for their precision boring tools.  BIG Daishowa brings innovative designs for precision tool holders and is widely recognized for the development of their BIG-Plus interface systems.  Together, the two companies have been involved in the tooling industry for almost 70 years.

BIG Kaiser products may not be designed for every customer or every shop.  But, customers with high-volume production environments or extreme tolerance demands can benefit from using the exacting quality offered by BIG Kaiser tooling.  BIG Kaiser offers the following performance guarantee:

“Test us against any competitor. We will improve the performance of even your most demanding applications. If we can’t, we’ll take back our products at no charge. Guaranteed.”

One of the innovative tooling systems they offer is their line of Mega-Synchro Tapping Holders.  These unique holders compensate for errors inherent in rigid tapping.  These inconsistencies can cause poor thread quality and greatly reduce tool life.  By using this system, the holder virtually eliminates any axial forces introduced when the spindle reverses direction.  This reduces chipping of the flutes on the tap, improves thread formation and decreases wear on the tool spindle itself.

Another problem solving system is Kaiser’s Adjustable Boring Heads.  They have tools that feature fine adjustments as small as 1μm. (.001 mm).  They offer adjustable boring tools for both rough and finish boring and have sizes to cover any requirement up to 118″ in diameter.

If you would like to see how Mega-Synchro can improve your tapping process or how an adjustable boring head will allow you to dial-in your results, please feel free to contact us or ask your local Tool Crib Representative.  Also, feel free to download any of the BIG Kaiser catalogs and take a look at all of the tooling they have to offer.  They are available in our CATALOG LIBRARY.