Cogsdill Tooling is one of our suppliers that can allow you to solve a problem or machine a complex part more efficiently.  They are the largest manufacturer of Roller Burnishing, Deburring and CNC controlled boring, facing and contouring equipment in the world.  Like us, they are also a family owned business.  The have a dedicated engineering and production staff that can design and develop custom solutions for specific projects.  Cogsdill has been designing and manufacturing special tools for the automotive industry for over 100 years. Pioneers such as Henry Ford and the Dodge brothers, relied on Cogsdill to develop innovative tooling solutions for their tough manufacturing problems.

Cogsdill also provides tooling to support the aerospace industry.  Whether you are machining new or reclaiming existing aircraft components, Cogsdill has a range of tools developed specifically for the aerospace industry. Shefcut special precision reamers, achieve size, accuracy, and location on critical bores in landing gear components. Various features inside landing gear and jet engines, including bottle bores are machined with ease using the Cogsdill MBT (Modular Boring Tool) system.

Bottle boring, also known as internal profiling or chamber boring is a special cutting operation where the boring tool expands and contracts within an existing bore to produce a contour inside the workpiece. This enables the manufacturer to machine complex internal shapes, sophisticated bore transitions and undercuts, that reduces the overall weight of critical components without compromising surface integrity. These characteristics are generally too deep or too complicated for single point boring bars. The internal hole profile is larger within the part than at the entry or exit diameters, therefore CNC controls are necessary for coordinating multiple axes simultaneously to create the desired profiles.

If you need to achieve a super finish within a hole or machine an internal shape larger than the entry point, Cogsdill Tooling can provide a solution.  Please feel free to contact us or speak with your local Tool Crib representative if you have a machining challenge on your shop floor.  Helping our customers solve problems is our main focus.