Composites are becoming a common material to be machined in more and more manufacturing environments.  FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastic) materials have been used in Aerospace applications for years.  Now more products and applications are being developed in all industries.  What makes FRP challenging for cutting tools is a property called anistropics.  Anisotropic materials have a physical property that has a different value when measured in different directions. A simple example is wood, which is stronger along the grain than across it.  This characteristic in composites makes chip formation, cutting forces and heat management significantly different than machining metals.  The Tool Crib is proud to offer YG-1 as one of our premier suppliers who offer solutions for these demanding applications.  YG-1 has developed a wide range of cutting tools to specifically address drilling, reaming and milling in composite materials.

Heat build-up during cutting of FRP composites is considered to be a common and serious problem.  Because the matrix material has a low thermal conductivity compared with metals and many inorganic materials, the chips formed during machining do not carry heat away from the tool as they do when cutting metals, so the tool itself retains the heat generated.  Cutting tools also get damaged by abrasive fibers which round the cutting edges prematurely during machining which generates additional heat.  Other challenges are caused by the difference in hardness between the fiber and the matrix which can lead to edge chipping of the tool.  Also, the tool may become jammed by melted matrix material.

In order to efficiently address the obstacles common in composites you have to work with companies who have invested the time and research to understand how to apply the right tools.  YG-1 has a deep expertise in both the application and manufacture of composite cutting tools. The Company was founded in 1981 by Mr. Hokeun Song (YG-1’s Chairman) in South Korea and since then, has grown to become a leading cutting tools manufacturer with a global service and sales presence. The focus of their Composites business division is to develop innovative solutions that enhance productivity, shorten cycle time and decrease machining cost specifically for composite materials.  YG-1 has developed a CVD coating technology that enhances the bond within the layers of coating.  This allows for greater tool life as well as improved speeds and feeds.  They have also developed tools with specific geometries to address some of the challenges that are specific to composites.

YG-1 Compression Milling


YG-1 has a great brochure of their products designed for composites.

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If you would like to learn more about YG-1 tooling and some of the unique products they offer please visit our Catalog Library and take a look in the YG-1 folder.  Also, feel free to contact us here at The Tool Crib, or ask your local Tool Crib representative for more information.