Garr Tool Company is a premier solution partners when a customer contacts The Tool Crib needing a solid carbide round tool.  It only takes a quick look at their production floor to understand that this is a world-class supplier who takes great pride in what they make.  Round tools are often seen as commodity items by some end users until they have critical production requirements or struggle to produce a required finish.  The second issue often becomes availability.  Other manufacturers may periodically experience stock issues for certain sizes of tools or long deliveries on specials.  That does not happen with Garr, they pride themselves on maintaining over 99% availability of all of their standard catalog items.  Garr makes solid carbide reamers from .059 to .502 as standards and larger sizes as special.  They have a full line of high performance solid carbide drills for all materials.  They have solid carbide rotary files and burrs in various sizes and shapes.  And finally, they make a huge variety of high performance end mills for almost any application in a shop or production floor.  They can also produce uncoated special tools within 2 weeks.

The Alumastar series of drills and end mills is specifically targeted at high production aluminum machining.  Working with Oerlikon Balzers Coating in-house, they have created a superior coating that greatly improves productivity.  This treatment helps prevent buildup on the tool so that users can achieve greater life and superior results.  The end mills in this series are designed to run at up to 2500 SFM.  That kind of speed can dramatically improve plant production and lower overall costs.  They are available in standard sizes up to 1″ in diameter.

If you would like to test one of these tools or see how Garr Tool might improve your production, please feel free to contact us or ask you local Tool Crib Representative.  You can also see all of the latest Garr Tool catalogs in our CATALOG LIBRARY.