Kennametal has expanded their solid carbide milling products to include new ultra-performance end mills for aluminum, titanium, and steels. These tools come in 4, 5 and 6 flute geometries. The KOR-5 series highlighted in the video is designed to take advantage of dynamic milling and CAM tool path generation for roughing aluminum. For Tool Crib customer’s with advanced machines, this can result in phenomenal metal removal rates. The 5 flute design helps stabilize the tool for reduced vibration and chatter allowing users to push the tool for maximum performance.

Some of the design features of KOR-5 include:

  • High efficiency metal removal capabilities in aluminum.
  • Features that maximize capabilities of 5-axis machines.
  • Dynamic milling, using CAM tool path generation software.
  • Internal coolant helps flush chips from cutting zone and reduce heat.
  • 5 cutting edges enable increased feed rates and high metal removal rates.
  • Chipbreakers manage chip removal efficiently.
  • Proprietary flute form ensures coolant flow, chip evacuation, and a 3 x D maximum depth-of-cut.
  • Up to 66% higher table feed in aluminum applications.
  • Safe-Lockā„¢ Shanks available to prevent end mill pullout.

Kennametal also offers the HARVI 1 TE for high performance in a variety of materials. Users are able to machine steel, stainless steel, cast iron, and high-temperature alloys with exceptional feed rates, reaching unmatched metal removal rates. These tools are applicable for a variety of operations, including dynamic milling, and extreme ramping operations.

The HARVI III series was introduced several years ago and was developed specifically for milling titanium. These 6-flute tools set the standard when they were introduced and have continued to offer exceptional results for customer’s working with titanium.

As part of this introduction and expansion, The Tool Crib and Kennametal are offering promotional pricing on several of the new series of end mills beginning in August.  More information about that is available on our Promotions and Special Offers Page.

If you would like to test one of these tools or see how any of Kennametal’s huge offering might work in your shop, please feel free to contact us or ask you local Tool Crib Representative.  You can also see all of the latest Kennametal catalogs in our CATALOG LIBRARY.