If you’ve had jobs in your shop that involve shoulder milling you’ve likely had to deal with cleaning up the finish of the wall once you’ve reached the depth of cut you need.  That’s because most cutters leave a witness mark on the wall for each pass.  Kennametal’s Mill 4 Series from The Tool Crib virtually eliminates that problem.  The geometry of the insert and pocket let the cutter produce extremely good finishes along the wall plus they have a wiper to produce fantastic finishes on the floor of the cut.  The inserts have 4 edges that let you get great metal removal per insert and lower your overall cost of production.  Depending on which version of Mill 4 you use, up to 15.5 mm depth of cut is possible.  If you are running true high speed or “trichordial milling” operations, there are Mill 4 options that can run at over 26,000 RPM.  Kennametal has insert options for these tools to accommodate steel, aluminum, stainless and cast iron applications.

The Mill 4 Series is available in modular head endmills, Weldon shank tools and shell mill sizes up to 6″ in diameter.  The positive geometry of the inserts allows for free cutting and reduced force being generated.

If you would like to test one of the new milling innovations from Kennametal on your shop floor, please don’t hesitate to contact us or ask your local Tool Crib representative to arrange it.  We have run these tools in a huge variety of applications with great results.  Please let us show you how we can help you be more productive and profitable in your process.