For many applications in machining there are standard tools that work perfectly for a given application. However, a large part of what we do here at The Tool Crib is solve the problems and challenges for complex parts or materials where a standard tool can’t meet the performance required. That’s why we work with companies like Knight Carbide. Many times the solution to a problem can be from creating a custom insert that can form a detail in a single operation. Or, there may be a need to change a chip-breaker to allow better productivity. Our customers are often surprised to learn that a custom tool is often much more cost effective than trying to make a standard tool work.

Knight Carbide is a great partner in designing and delivering these kinds of solutions. They can deliver a custom tool often far more quickly than would be expected. We have seen tools delivered in as little as two weeks. If you have a problem on your shop floor that just never seems to get solved, you should consider looking at a custom solution. Please feel free to contact us or ask you Tool Crib representative if we might have a Knight Carbide solution for you.