If your shop does lathe work you’ve likely needed to put a keyway inside a bore or on the end of a shaft.  If you have a job that requires you to do this repeatedly you should consider using Lathe Broaching from WTO and The Tool Crib.  WTO is based in Ohlsbach, Germany and they are the largest manufacturer of precision toolholders for turning centers in the world.  With this immense capability they have perfected a driven tool system that can save your process a lot of time and make your job more profitable.  One of the key things to notice about how this tool works is that on the return stroke the cutting edge is moved out of the cut.  Also, this system is designed so that it works 1:1 with the spindle speed.  1000 RPM in your program equals 1000 strokes per minute.  This is much simpler than many of the competitors tools that have a reduction factor.  The unit can be easily converted from ID to OD operation.  The maximum working length of cut is 32mm with a 10mm maximum width.  These tools use standard inserts from PH Horn, and can produce both slots and spline shapes.

Aside from Broaching Units, WTO makes a huge variety of both static and driven tools for almost any lathe or turning center.  Another innovative system is their QuickFlex series that allows an ER collet tool to be quickly converted to a milling adapter without having to use two separate driven tools.

If you would like to learn more about how WTO can help solve a problem or add capabilities to your operation, please contact us or ask your local Tool Crib representative for more information.  You can also see all of their current catalogs in our Catalog Library