Utilizing linked nitrogen gas springs from Dadco and The Tool Crib is one of the best ways to improve the overall performance and part quality of a stamping operation.  Linked systems offer a die operator the ability to monitor and control stamping pressure from outside the die across all of the springs.  The linked system also provides for equal pressure at each point across the system.  There are multiple ways to facilitate linking.  One is to interconnect each spring using pipes or hoses that connect to a distribution manifold.  This gives flexibility in retrofit situations or in complex dies with obstructions.  Another option is to use a modular system like the Dadco SMS series.  These are assemblies that have preinstalled springs connected by hose or pipes preinstalled on an engineered mounting plate.

Dadco has also developed their SMSi system.  This has all of the benefits of the SMS modules but also eliminates the external piping.  All of the connections are machined into the base plate.  Dadco will custom design each system based on customer requirements and the allowable space.

Linked systems have the ability to greatly control pressure rise during the stroke.  With individual springs, the pressure increases as it is compressed because of the limited gas volume available.  However, linked systems can incorporate surge reservoirs to reduce the rise. Modular systems can incorporate added volume internally to eliminate the need for external storage.  The end result is better part formation and reduced wear on guide components.

Dadco is a 60 year old company headquartered in Plymouth, Michigan.  They can provide advanced engineering solutions to support customers who are planning a new die or customers with production issues in existing programs.  DADCO products are Certified to the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Standard.  DADCO products also comply with the European Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU and are globally recognized in automotive die standards.  Dadco nitrogen gas springs are backed in writing with the one-year/1 million strokes Gold Guarantee. The L Series is backed by a written two-year/ 2 million strokes Select Guarantee.

The Tool Crib is proud to be an exclusive distributor for Dadco products.  In order to guarantee superior support, Dadco assigns exclusive distributors for specific geographic areas.  This means we are not able to sell Dadco to every customer across the country.  However, we do support customers here in Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, Kentucky, Virginia and the Carolinas.  If you would like to know more about Dadco or how a linked system could benefit your operation, please feel free to contact us or ask you local Tool Crib Representative.  Current Dadco catalogs are also available to download from our Catalog Library.