In the normal course of visiting the floor of our customer’s shops we often hear tools “singing”.  Sometimes the chatter marks left behind one of those tools doesn’t matter at all.  But, just as often, it is an issue that has to be addressed with a finish pass.  A lot of factors can come into play which can cause vibration in a tool including edge condition, cutting depth, geometry or even coatings.  Usually, our customer’s tend to focus on the tool.  The solution however, often lies in stepping back and looking at the tool, the holder and the workpiece as a complete system.  Vibration is often best addressed by looking at how the tool is being held.

Lyndex-Nikken provides high quality tool holders from ER style collets to Heat-Shrink systems.  Their “SK” series of holders are extremely accurate with .0002″ Total Runout.   They are balanced for speeds up to 25,000 RPM.  They also have very high clamping ability due to their 8 degree taper.  These toolholders can transform the results from an obviously rough finish to one that is mark free.  The most amazing thing, is to watch an operator do a double take when the tool he is used to hearing scream is suddenly silent in the cut.

Besides toolholders, Lyndex-Nikken is a leading manufacturer of rotary tables and live tooling.  The Tool Crib is proud to provide their products to our customers because they share our goals of bringing the best solutions possible to their customers.

If you have a machining problem with finish on your shop floor, we can help.  Our focus is solving problems by providing the right tool for every job.