Minority Business Enterprise



TOOL CRIB can provide Minority Spend/Diversity Spend credits to help customers with initiatives and strategies to support minority business enterprise (MBE) companies and minority communities as a whole.

Minority suppliers that embrace MBE programs or Diversity Supplier Programs are important in many industries. The Federal government requires many contractors to do business with minority businesses. State and local governments often have similar requirements. Many automotive manufactures are also looking for minority spend credits. As the US becomes more diversified, so too are the manufacturing companies that are looking to buy through diversity suppliers. Many manufacturing companies have been looking for a way to support this minority community, and TOOL CRIB and IBC are there to meet these diversity-spending needs.

Large manufacturing companies throughout the United States have established diversity departments to support minority businesses and set goals to purchase products through Certified Minority Suppliers. The dollars spent with diversity suppliers move down the chain, and those dollars can become part of the minority spend dollar goals for these suppliers as well. Minority Spend and Diversity Supplier Spend is becoming more and more important especially in the automotive industry.

TOOL CRIB has an alliance with IBC to enable TOOL CRIB customers capture minority spend credits if they so desire. IBC’s unique business offering provides value beyond just MBE spend, or Diversity Spend credits. IBC can handle everything from single site Minority Spend Credits customer, to national accounts with multiple locations. IBC and TOOL CRIB offer purchasing power, innovative technologies, cost savings programs and local distributor services that make IBC the choice for Minority Business Spend/Diversity Spend Credits, and full customer integration.

Tool Crib/IBC Minority Spend CreditsIBC is a minority-owned business certified by the Connecticut division of the National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC). IBC meets NMSDC criteria as a Hispanic and veteran owned company. IBC is one of the few minority owned organizations with a base of distributors covering industrial MRO throughout North America.