Tungaloy America has released a new generation of CVD coated inserts for turning in steel (ISO-P).  This new grade designated as T9215 is a multi layer process set on top of a new carbide substrate.  The cemented substrate has been designed specifically for use in P15 materials and greatly improves resistance to fracturing.

In many applications, the life of the insert has doubled using T9215.  The T9215 grade incorporates a thick, homogenous structure of the Al2O3 layer and the hard-ceramic layer that is much harder than conventional TiN coating. These characteristics promote wear resistance, while improving productivity in steel turning operations. Tungaloy’s special post surface treatment technology, PremiumTec, enhances machining stability and helps prevent microcracks from initiating and propagating in the coating layer which can cause catastrophic insert failure.

Tungaloy has also made sure that they have covered all of the normal applications and sizes with this new series.  A total of 349 different insert configurations are available in this new grade.

Tungaloy is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of carbide cutting tools, friction materials, wear resistant items, and civil engineering products.  They were founded in 1929 and were the first company to produce cemented carbide in Japan.   Today, they provide products to customers all over the world in automobile, construction, aerospace, medical, power generation, infrastructure, and heavy industries.  Like many Japanese companies, they have long focused on continuous improvement of production technologies, combined with large investments in research and development.  This has allowed them to offer high-quality products that help manufacturing companies in a wide variety of industries increase their productivity.  Tungaloy is now part of the IMC-Group owned by Warren Buffett.

If you would like to see how T9215 can improve your turning process , please feel free to contact us or ask your local Tool Crib Representative.  Also, feel free to download any of the Tungaloy catalogs and take a look at all of the tooling they have to offer.  They are available in our CATALOG LIBRARY.