If you have a process that requires repetitive center drilling, you should consider the iCenter indexable center drill from Nine9 and The Tool Crib.  Nine9 is part of the Everede family of tools and has patented this system to increase the overall performance of the operation.  These tools are capable of running with high speed / high feed rates.  An example for drilling in alloy steel would be to run the tool at 6000 RPM at a feed of 600 mm/min.  Another key benefit for production environments is great repeatability and ease of setup.  Once the tool length is set in the holder, the axial position of the insert is held to .05 mm and .02 mm radially.  There is no need to reset the tool when changing the insert or flipping to a new cutting edge which greatly reduces the time taken for tool change.  Also, coolant can be supplied through the center of the holder to further increase performance and extend the life of the drill.  The inserts are available in both standard and custom forms.

A common problem in some older or heavily used machines is that he center height of the lathe may be off and cause premature failure of the tools.  Nine9 has an adjustable sleeve to easily correct up to .15mm.

In addition to the iCenter, Nine9 also has tools for engraving, corner rounding, deburring and more.  If you would like to learn more about Nine9 tooling and some of the unique products they offer please visit our Catalog Library and take a look in the Everede Tool folder.  Also, feel free to contact us here at The Tool Crib, or ask your local Tool Crib representative for more information.