The Tool Crib is proud to represent NSK High Speed Spindles.  NSK-America is part of Nakanishi, Inc and was established in 1984.  Their US headquarters are located near Chicago, Illinois.  The company produces both hand-held and machine mounted spindles for high-speed machining.  They have electric, pneumatic and air driven systems that can range up to 150,000 RPM.  These types of spindles are somewhat common in Swiss style machining, but are also finding applications in conventional machining centers.  Unlike “spindle speeders” an NSK unit is not powered by the machine’s spindle.  There are no internal gearboxes to generate heat or vibration.  Spindles are available with CAT, BT, HSK and other interfaces.  There are models that can hold tools up to .250″.  NSK units are also cooled for continuous operation unlike most speeders.

The Ultra-Precision, High-Speed electric spindles allow you to use your existing equipment for a much larger variety of operations. Conventional milling machines and machining centers can now do high-speed machining, small diameter drilling and milling with extremely good surface finishes.

Some benefits for convention machines include:

  • Up to 20X faster than a conventional machining center
  • Superior performance compared to a “Speeder”
  • Increases machining capabilities.
  • Reduces wear on the machine tool spindle
  • Exceptional surface finishes
  • Dramatic productivity increases
  • Self-contained motors.

In operation, these spindles have extremely low TIR of within 1μm.  They feature ceramic bearings, one piece motor and spindle assemblies and also have built in Protection Circuits to prevent overloads and ensure long term reliability.  Adding to their durability, they use a small flow of dry air to prevent heat build up and allow for continuous operation.  NSK has also incorporated a breakaway connector to protect the tool in case the spindle of the machine is accidentally rotated.  If you would like to learn more about NSK or see what tools fit your application please feel free to contact us or ask you local Tool Crib Representative.  You can also find the latest NSK catalogs in our Catalog Library.