In partnership with Guhring, The Tool Crib is thrilled to introduce a trailblazing drill that is set to revolutionize your machining processes: the RT 100 XF High Performance Carbide Drill.

Built on Guhring’s 120 years of manufacturing prowess, innovation, and synergy, the RT 100 XF epitomizes the ideal fusion of performance and durability. This high-performance drill incorporates Guhring’s in-house R&D expertise in geometry, production, and coating, guaranteeing you outstanding results in your machining processes.

The RT 100 XF is crafted with proprietary carbide XF and nanoFire coating. This unique blend of tungsten carbide and cobalt creates a special structure that has a re-sharpening effect, minimizing the common issue of major breakages that accelerate tool wear. What’s more, the nanoFire coating enhances the robustness of the drill, thanks to its high hardness level and good thermochemical resistance.

A significant advantage of the RT 100 XF drill lies in its geometry and micro-geometry. With four guide chamfers, it ensures perfect bore quality, improving straightness and surface finish. The point geometry, protected by a negative chamfer along the side cutting edge, makes the cutting edge ultra-robust and durable. This results in a stable and efficient cutting edge, contributing to the drill’s exceptional performance. Moreover, the precise reproducibility of the drill is guaranteed by Guhring’s expert manufacturing processes, with original quality restored in their in-house regrinding and re-coating centers.

micro-geometry corner protection

But what does this mean for you?

  • The RT 100 XF allows outstanding feed rates and exceptional metal removal rates.
  • With in-house high-end finishing, you get maximum performance utilization.
  • Reduced cycle times for difficult-to-machine materials and special applications in series production.

In other words, the RT 100 XF is a powerful tool designed to enhance productivity, durability, and efficiency in your machining operations.

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