If you are like most shop owners or machinists, you probably don’t spend a lot of time thinking about the chuck on your machine tool.  Do you know when it last had any maintenance?  Do you grease it often?  Did you know that most manufacturers recommend that a chuck be greased twice per day.  That’s right… per day!  Many shops may do it twice per year.  The average chuck lasts about 5 years.  Because the movement of the jaws is metal to metal there is wear produced every time a work-piece is gripped.  Worse, if the chuck isn’t being maintained that wear is accelerated.  Over time the jaws actually move away from the face under pressure and accuracy is compromised.  At The Tool Crib we can help you with a replacement chuck for virtually any machine on the market.  Samchully Machinery manufactures a huge variety of both standard and specialty chucks.  They have achieved Single Part Per Million certification in 2007.  This means that their focus on quality is so high that they allow fewer than 10 defects for every million component parts used in their products.  Together, we can provide you a high quality alternative and also reduce your cost versus going back to the machine tool builder for a replacement.

Samchully also produces some innovative specialty chuck systems that can create huge productivity benefits for some applications.  One example is their auto-indexing chucks for parts with opposing features.  This chuck rotates the part automatically so that more machining can be done without handling the part.

Samchully IAN Series

Typical part applications for auto-rotating chuck.

Our sales team has the knowledge to help you identify the correct chuck even if you have an older rebuilt machine with no documentation.  If you would like to see what options we can offer don’t hesitate to call us or ask your local Tool Crib representative for help.