SCHUNK has introduced a new series of hydraulic toolholders that may change the game in Mold and Die work.  For years heat shrink technology has been very common in die shops because of it’s ability to reach into cavities with little clearance and its’ accuracy.  The trade-off for that has been the need to buy dedicated equipment to change tools, training employees to safely handle heated components and the time involved in making changes.  Now there is a clear alternative available from SCHUNK and The Tool Crib.   The initial offering of the SCHUNK TENDO Slim 4ax is available for the HSK-A 63 interface. Further interfaces and sizes are planned.  The sizing is to DIN 69882-8 so that it will be a direct drop in for current heat shrink tools without needing to reprogram the job.  Plus, users will get all of the benefits of using hydraulic holders:

  • Plug & Work

    1:1 interchangeable. Insert an hydraulic expansion toolholder – replace a heat shrinking toolholder.

  • High radial rigidity

    For optimum shape accuracy. A robust base body avoids lateral deflection during the machining process.

  • Excellent vibration damping

    The hydraulic system ensures a high surface finish, the machine spindle‘s performance is enhanced, the tool service live is increased and costs are reduced.

  • Best surface qualities

    due to top vibration damping for best surface qualities without chatter marks.

  • HSC/HPC-machining

    At a balancing grade of G2.5 at 25,000 rpm, suitable for high speeds.

  • Fast tool change

    micron precise without peripheral equipment. Turn to dead stop.

  • The ultimate for axial machining

    Drilling, countersinking, reaming and threading in a 5-axis center and the die and mold making industry.

  • < 0,003 mm

    Run-out and repeat accuracy ensure best surface results.

  • High Flexibility

    due to the use of intermediate sleeves.

  • Maintenance-free

    Completely enclosed system. Maintenance-free and long service life.

SCHUNK is based in Lauffen/Neckar Germany.  They currently have over 2,800 employees and are sold in more than 50 countries.  If you would like to learn more about SCHUNK tooling and some of the unique products they offer please visit our Catalog Library and take a look in the SCHUNK folder.  Also, feel free to contact us here at The Tool Crib, or ask your local Tool Crib representative for more information.