In today’s competitive manufacturing environment efficiency, cost reduction, and continuous improvement are the keys to survival.   

At The Tool Crib, we recognize that this is a huge challenge for our customers and have dedicated ourselves to help find new ways to increase your productivity, reduce cost and eliminate waste.  Aside from our core strength in process tooling, design and application assistance, we can also address the cost associated with handling, storage and dispensing the tooling and other support products that you use.  We know that in most cases our customers have talented and dedicated employees that are responsible for safeguarding this asset.  But, in many facilities those employees are not present for all shifts, they have limited or no technology in place for the purpose of controlling stock, or they may have additional duties that limit the focus they can have on managing the inventory of tooling and other items necessary to ensure continuous production.  

Let us show you how you could add an additional resource to assist their efforts.  If you could hire an additional employee to help with managing your production inventory that would: 

  • report for every shift,
  • never be late,
  • never be sick,
  • never have an on the job injury,
  • never issue tooling without logging it,
  • keep track of all the items and help you replenish them,


What if we showed you that you could put this asset to work in your facility with little or no upfront cost?   

If you are interested please tell your sales representative that you want to learn more.  Or, contact our office and ask to speak with us about tool room solutions.   

We realize that our future it dependent upon your continued success and profitability.