Walter Tools introduced a new insert coating at the last IMTS that they promised would be a “game changer”.  It is called Tiger-tec Gold.  We routinely hear those kinds of claims from various manufactures and sometimes the results can be a bit underwhelming.  Not this time.  These are truly something new and offer some impressive gains.  Walter has a created a proprietary, innovative, “ultralow pressure” (ULP-CVD) coating process.  Our in-house application specialist, Doug Whitaker, has tested these in milling steel using real world feeds and speeds and seen over 50% gains in tool life.  In their testing, Walter has reported up to 75% gains.  Walter has told us that they will be bringing this series to their turning inserts in the coming year.

If you have a production milling process you could achieve a big cost savings from the increase in tool life.  We’ll be happy to arrange for test tools and help you document the savings.

  • Significantly longer tool life due to optimized wear characteristics
  • Maximum process reliability thanks to the tough cutting edge
  • Gold-colored top layer provides optimum wear detection