Walter Tools has recently added two new carbide grades to their insert line.  WPV10 and WPV20 are part of the “Perform Line” of tools Walter has developed.  These inserts are designed for shops with older equipment or machines that may have somewhat limited capabilities.  The other primary application for these is in a shop where you change jobs and materials frequently.  If your facility falls into one of those categories, it may not be cost effective to try and run a premium ground insert that is more focused to a specific material or that needs to run at a high material removal rate.  You’re likely not as worried about squeezing every last bit of performance from the tools.  You need a general purpose tool that works well every time.  That is exactly what the Perform Line is designed to do.

These inserts feature CVD coatings and have a gold color so that it is easy to inspect for wear.  They come in three geometries to cover roughing, medium machining and also finishing.  While the primary application is in steel, they can also handle stainless and even cast iron material.  They are available in standard ISO shapes and sizes: CNMG / DNMG / SNMG / TNMG / VNMG and WNMG.

Walter’s Perform Line also includes milling, threading, and holemaking tools that are designed to be great performing tools with a lower initial cost.  If you would like to test and see how these tools could help in your shop, please feel free to contact us or ask your local Tool Crib Representative.