YG-1 Continues to expand their product line to include indexable milling and turning solutions.  The Tool Crib is proud to offer one of their latest products; the new YG-1 ENMX High-Feed milling inserts for smaller diameter applications.  The companion cutter bodies include Shell Mills, End Mills and Modular Tools.  They range in diameter from 16 – 50mm and also include inch sizes from 3/4 – 2″.  This Milling insert is optimized for high feed milling for narrow and long reach applications. It is designed 20-25% thicker than conventional products on the market, which achieves more stable clamping, secure machining and longer tool life, even when machining the difficult-to-cut materials. Additionally, ENMX milling insert offers economical advantage since all 4 edges can be fully used.

There are carbide grades for most steel applications plus they have a reinforced edge option for Cast Iron, Hardened and High Alloy Steels.

As part of this introduction we also have a promotion where you can get a cutter body free with the purchase of inserts.  More information about that is available on our Promotions and Special Offers Page.

Since YG-1 entered into the indexable carbide market a few years ago, we have seen some impressive cost -vs- performance results from many of their inserts.  They are proving to be a serious alternative for many applications and continually add new products to their line.  If you still view YG-1 as only an end mill company, you should definitely take a look at their current catalogs. 

If you would like to test one of these tools or see how YG-1 might work in your shop, please feel free to contact us or ask you local Tool Crib Representative.  You can also see all of the latest YG-1 catalogs in our CATALOG LIBRARY.