YG-1 and The Tool Crib offer a complete system of holders and taps for use in CNC machining centers. Some of the challenges our customers often face when trying to tap in a rigid machine is poor thread quality, increased tap wear or even tap breakage. These problems are commonly caused when the machine spindle begins to withdraw from the work-piece as the reverse rotation of the tap is also starting. If that synchronization is not perfect, the tap is put under tension which causes the conditions. The solution we often recommend is the use of a synchronous holder. These specialized holders allow for the tap to move slightly to compensate for any tension or compression generated by the spindle. YG-1 and The Tool Crib have a full selection of these holders to fit your application.

YG-1 has also developed a dedicated series of tools for high speed tapping in CNCs. Synchro Taps offer outstanding performance with 3 times faster machining speed compared to conventional taps. They have an optimized flute shape and geometry which enhances their hardness and prevents the oversizing of internal thread pitch diameter which are core elements for high speed machining. Also, their shorter thread length and helix angle helps prevents chip packing problems during the machining process which allows for maximum productivity.

Synchro Taps are made of HSS-PM (Powder Metallurgy) which offers excellent wear resistance and stable machining. They are offered in 4 configurations for blind and through hole applications as well as thread forming. And, they offer H7 shank tolerances for enhanced higher speed capabilities.

The Tool Crib and YG-1 are offering promotional pricing on this system through the end of the year.  More information is available on our Promotions and Special Offers Page.

If you would like to test one of these tools or see how any of YG-1s products might work in your shop, please feel free to contact us or ask you local Tool Crib Representative.  You can also see all of the latest YG-1 catalogs in our CATALOG LIBRARY.